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Hire the right DWI defense lawyer.

Results matter. Unlike many DWI Defense Attorneys, I publish trial results. Take a look at our trial outcomes, and ask yourself why you don’t see this level of transparency on every other law firm website.


Lawyer fees. Every DWI law firm is different. Some lawyers charge hourly rates. I charge flat rates. Learn more about flat rate legal fees and get an idea of what we will charge to defend you.


Knowledge matters. You can learn more about what my clients think by reading their reviews. You can learn more about DWI charges by looking through this alphabetical list of articles I’ve written to explain many of the issues that arise in a DWI case.


DWI defense may be the most complicated area of criminal law. The science of blood alcohol testing, the DMV regulations, and the statutes are always changing. It combines criminal law and civil law. So hire an attorney who practices DWI defense. Learn more about different types of lawyers.

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