Ignition Interlock Removal Procedure

If you are sentenced to have an Ignition Interlock Device placed in your car for twelve months after a DWI conviction, you may be eligible to have it removed after six months. To have it removed, follow these steps:

  1. Wait until you have had your IID installed for a full six months with no violations. The paperwork cannot be submitted to the court early.
  2. Get a copy of your installation receipt or a copy of your most recent calibration document, showing the original installation date.
  3. Download this pdf of an IID Removal Affidavit for defendant, complete it, and sign it before a Notary Public. Here is a version specific to Rochester City Court. IID Removal Affidavit for defendant - RCC.
  4. Download a IID Termination Order, complete it, and print it.
  5. Send the notarized affidavit along with both a photocopy of the installation receipt and a copy of the Termination Order to the attorney who represented you.
  6. The attorney will forward the affidavit, receipt, and termination order to the court.
  7. The court should forward the executed order to the monitoring authority (usually the local probation department) and send a copy to your lawyer.
  8. The process takes between 2 and 6 weeks, so please be patient.
  9. Once the court approves the removal, the monitoring authority should send a form to the DMV that authorizes the removal of the ignition interlock restriction from your license.
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