Community Service

Performing community service can be an attractive alternative to other forms of punishment. If a judge sentences you to perform community service, there are two ways to get it done.


Some counties have community service coordinators, and some judges insist that you use them. If this is the case, you will receive an information form in court explaining who you have to call.


Many judges will allow you to perform your community service at any not-for-profit organization. You are responsible for setting up your hours, keeping track of your hours and activities, and then bringing a letter back to court – signed by a supervisor and printed on agency letterhead  – that states how many hours you completed. It’s always a good idea to keep track of your service as you are performing it, otherwise, supervisors may forget what you did. To do this, print out our Community Service Hours Tracking Form, and at the end of each shift have your supervisor initial it. When you have completed all the required hours, bring your sheet to your supervisor and have them write a letter stating what you did and how many hours you worked. They need to print that letter on agency letterhead, and then sign it. You can then return the letter to me.


There are many agencies who you can reach out to. Just remember that it has to be a not-for-profit agency. Many nursing homes, animal shelters, and daycare centers are actually for-profit enterprises. Make absolutely sure the place you choose is a not-for-profit.

Here is an incomplete list of agencies you can contact to schedule your community service:

For Spanish Speakers:

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