Can a DWI charge be dropped?

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I am regularly asked, "Can my DWI charge just be dropped?"

The answer is, "Yes, it could be dropped. But not without a compelling reason."

Example 1: I had a client who police accused of driving drunk. She took an alcohol test that showed zero alcohol in her body. So police then accused her of being on drugs. She underwent a full-panel drug test that showed there were no drugs in her system. It was months before the Prosecution agreed to drop the case.

Example 2: I had a client who was badly injured in an automobile accident. His injuries were consistent with those of a person sitting in the front passenger seat. Another person admitted to driving the car. Would the prosecution drop the DWI case against my client? No- we had to go through motion practice and the judge dismissed the case.

So how does a DWI charge get dimissed? DWI charges usually get dismissed by a judge because there was not probable cause to stop your motor vehicle. Sometimes they get dismissed (by a judge) because the breathalyzer test and field sobriety tests were administered by the police incorrectly. But it never happens just because a prosecutor thinks you have a special situation in which you should be given a break.

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