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"He is a very professional and well organized individual that will work with you not against you in any situation, and does his best to defend you and your rights in court. I would highly recommend P. Adam Militello for anyone in need of his services he provides." *****
Irondequoit Town Court
Irondequoit Town Court, c. 2019

An Irondequoit DWI Lawyer can help you through the stressful process of being charged with a crime. You probably have questions:

  • How will a DWI arrest affect my job - could I be fired?
  • Will I lose my license, and for how long?
  • Am I going to jail?
  • How much is this all going to cost?
  • What is the first thing I should do?

Give me a free phone call to talk about your case, and get your initial questions answered. This is a scary experience, but I can reduce your anxiety by keeping you informed and minimizing any consequences you may face.

Irondequoit Town Court is located at 1300 Titus Avenue, Rochester, New York 14617, and the phone number is 585-336-6040. In addition to being a resident of Irondequoit, Mr. Militello appears in front of these judges regularly to represent clients on DWI's and other criminal charges.

In 2017 The Militello Law Firm sponsored and coached its first mock trial team of high school students, and four of the seven members were from Irondequoit High School. Our team went on to win first place in the Monroe County competition. Our kids beat out teams from two of the biggest law firms in the city, as well as a team fielded by a local bar association, and we are very proud of them. Our 2019 Mock Trial Team took first place once again!

P. Adam Militello, Esq.

We can help you through all the problems that you face when charged with DWI - whether it is a Chemical Test Refusal Hearing at the DMV or making sure that a proper application for a hardship license is made to the court at your first appearance.

With upfront pricing, excellent client reviews, and an excellent track record of winning at trial, there is no reason not to call for a free phone conversation.

If you have been arrested for a DWI or any other crime in Irondequoit, call us today at (585) 485-0025.


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