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"Hiring Adam was the best decision after I was charged with 4 tickets for a DWI. It took Adam just one court appearance to convert all the tickets into a minor DWAI with minimum charges. He always made sure I was relaxed and he would take care of me like a younger brother. I've no words to thank him for what he has done for me!" *****

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"Adam is an AWESOME attorney! I never been in trouble with the law and after getting pulled over on the holiday was charged with a DWI. I was scared and terrified. Adam told me, I would be okay and he would fight for me. Which he did. He got my misdemeanor charge down to a traffic infraction of a DWAI. Which is a non criminal charge. I am very thankful and blessed. I'm a healthcare professional and a misdemeanor would have affected my career. He is honest, a good listener, very funny and keeps you updated in regards to your case. He contacts you in reasonable time and works hard on your case. He doesn't mind when you call asking a lot of questions. Also, he is very affordable and will work with. Forget the rest, hire best. Adam is the best." *****

Brockport and Sweden, NY DWI Attorneys

Attorney P. Adam Militello
Attorney P. Adam Militello

When people are issued appearance tickets for DWI or other criminal charges in this area, the tickets refer either to Sweden Town Court, or Brockport Village Court. Both courts are located in the Village of Brockport, located on the Erie Canal on the far west edge of Monroe County, New York. The Village is directly north of LeRoy, (Genesee County, NY), and in fact was first settled when a road was built from LeRoy to Lake Ontario 200 years ago. Today the Village has 8,100 full-time residents, and it is also home to SUNY Brockport, which adds an additional 8,400 students to the population.

According to the Sweden Town Historian, Brockport was the site of the “Idaho Dog Case,” a “famous” case from 1936 in which Judge Homer Benedict put a dog on trial for drowning a man in the Erie Canal. (I couldn’t find a cite.) After appearing regularly in Sweden Town Court and having also appeared in the Brockport Village Court, Mr. Militello is quite certain that the current sitting justices would never allow the prosecution of an animal for a crime of malicious intent. Your pets are absolutely safe here.

Brockport is a great village to visit. Having the historic Erie Canal running through town is a wonderful attraction. When you combine the presence of the canal along with the College to help support the local businesses, it results in a prosperous village. There are restaurants, a movie theater, and even the rarest of local proprietors – a bookstore!

We often represent residents and college students alike on DWI charges and drug charges, many of which are linked to the DWI stops.

If you have a legal issue in Brockport, please feel free to call us at (585) 485-0025. We offer free consultations for DWI cases and criminal matters, and we look forward to speaking with you.

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